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Order send to wrong adress


Hello, thank you for your quick respond.
I can't get any contact with the seller. He doesn't reply to my messages and e-mails.

I connected the delivery service in Spain. They said to me the shipment isn't in Spain also.

Can you see if the shipment left China at some point? And if so when this was or will be?

I can see it's in Guangzhou Exchange Bureau since august 12. It's august 19 today. I can't figure out what happend with it the last 7 days.

Thanks for looking in to it. :)

Answered by Gloria | 8/19/2016 7:16:25 AM
Dear Brian,

Yes, I also find your parcel will be sent to Spain not Netherlands. I think the seller made a mistake due to his mistake.

I think it will be returned to the seller as I find it was scaned by Guangzhou Transit Station export center on August 9th. But on August 12th, it shows 'Guangzhou Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit ) '. So, I guess the seller may find the address is wrong and ask for return. You'd better contact the seller to make sure.

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Parcel RS153566696CN
Hi Brian,

Where do you buy the item? We are sorry that we have no way to help you deal with the package. Our site could only help you to check where it is. From the tracking result, it's still on the return way to the seller. You need to get ways to contact the seller. As far as I know, if you still couldn't get the item within the time the seller promised, you should open a case soon.

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