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Order Update


Sorry to be annoying.
Can you please help me check on these orders:

LY184925796CN - "Despatch from Sorting Centre" - does this mean the item is still in China, or has it left?

LB138511576SG - Handed over to airlines 10 days ago, no update, has it left China?

LE732454280CN - Been 44 days in total and no update for 20 days. Has it left China?

LN451770794CN - Showing stuck in Shenzen - has it left Shenzen or is it still in China? No update for over 15 days?

LP00175424287448 - No update for over 28 days - is it still in China?

LN451770817CN - "Despatch from sorting centre" - Has this left China? Been over 20 days, no update.

Thank you SO much for your help.

1 Answer(s)

Hi Dylan,

LY184925796CN - It has left and is en route to the US now.

LB138511576SG - It has left and is en route to Singapore now.

LE732454280CN - It has left and is en route to New Zealand now.

LN451770794CN - It's still stuck in Shenzhen now.

LP00175424287448 - It's still stuck in China now.

LN451770817CN - It's still stuck in Shenzhen now.

You need to contact the seller to give you a solution in time if you couldn't receive them in two months.

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