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Package held in customs


Hi Daisy, I have a package that's being held in customs in FUZHOU, CHINA. It has been there since January 11, 2021. I am returning a pair of shoes that I purchased from a website called "DHgate". They offer refunds if you return the merchandise within 30 days of shipping and I shipped it out on December 30, 2020. I have 9 more days left or I will not receive me refund for my order. Could you please let me know why the package of shoes is being held? Tracking number is CH121514715US.
Thank you.

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Hi Tom Creighton,

It should be waiting for the receiver to declare now. You'd better let the receiver check his phone message to see if there is any notice from the customs.
Thank you Daisy, I will inform the receiver now.
Hi there, I am returning a cloth that I purchased from a website, They offer refunds if I return the merchandise. It have being held at Customs on July 31,would you please tell me how to fix this issue and, is the seller going to pay any fee for that.

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