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Why is my package held in customs and how to get it?


Hello! My EMS package EE044065495RU
is held at the customs in Guangzhou City (import customs retained for inspection). The recipient has contacted the customs but they haven't provided any information about how to get the package. What can be done for this package to be released? Thank you for your help.

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How do I get my parcel from China Post? Tracking number: EJ265224541AU. This parcel was sent express shipping from Australia on the 24th November 2020. It is now the 19th March 2021. The information I get from Australia Post is that it has been stopped by Customs in Beijing. I rang Customs on 18th March 2021 and they said it was in the carrier's warehouse, but no details of the carrier or where the warehouse is. I check China Post and now it says it as been sent to Shanghai on the 12th March 2021. How do I get my parcel?

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