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Package Held in Customs


Tracking number: CJ460331164 US
My package had been held in customs since March 29 in Suzhou, China. Can you find a reason for this?

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Hi sopdes,

It's waiting the receiver to pay for the tax now:

Number: CJ460331164US
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> China
2021-03-30 14:18 Suzhou City, taxable mail, to be paid by the recipient
2021-03-29 16:16 Suzhou City, import customs remain to be verified
2021-03-28 06:51 Suzhou City, leave the Suzhou Post District Central Bureau Mail Processing Center, Jiangsu Province, the next stop Suzhou International Mail Processing Center (via)
2021-03-27 20:44 Suzhou City, Arriving at the Mail Processing Center of the Central Bureau of Suzhou Post District, Jiangsu Province (via)
2021-03-27 18:17 Shanghai, leave the Shanghai International Mail Processing Center, next stop, Suzhou Post District Central Bureau Mail Processing Center, Jiangsu Province (via)
2021-03-17 22:01 New York, New York has been exported straight
2021-03-17 14:44 New York, Leaving the Foreign Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2021-03-17 14:44 New York, leave the New York Processing Center
2021-03-17 14:43 New York, arrived at the Foreign Export Swap Bureau
2021-03-13 18:28 United States, United States of America has received

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