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parcel lost


Thanks to your very bad service, package RR529946451PL, for which I paid a high (and seemingly unlogical) tax last June 16th, has been clearly lost. Could I at least obtain a reimbursement? Theoretically I have this right.

Thank you
Kind regards

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Hi edoardo villata,

Are you the receiver in China? If you are, you need to contact China Post by calling 11185 to further check it. Sorry, we are only a tracking platform and couldn't deal with the package.
Hi Daisy,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am the receiver in China, but I don't speak Chinese and the number doesn't answer in English, isn't it?

Kind regards,
Hi Edoardo Villata,

Yes, it's service in Chinese language. You'd better let a Chinese friend to help you call.
Dear Daisy,
Thank you for your reply. A Chinese friend called in my name, she was told that the pack will get delivered within 24 hours, but nothing has happened. More, since last Saturday a furthe rpack, EW105442816FR is theoretically in delivery, but nothing has happened, again. According to China Post website, the situation is the following:

La Poste (Colissimo)
China Post
Destination - Sync Time: 2022-07-11 11:50:19 (GMT+02:00)
2022-07-09 12:44
沈阳市, 【沈阳东北大学邮政包快揽投部】投递结果反馈-未妥投,备注(未联系上收件人,安排再投),投递员:李庆伟,电话:18524489305

2022-07-09 09:09
沈阳市, 【沈阳东北大学邮政包快揽投部】安排投递,投递员:李庆伟,电话:18524489305,揽投部电话:024-83673289

2022-07-09 06:37
沈阳市, 到达【沈阳东北大学邮政包快揽投部】

2022-07-09 04:08
沈阳市, 离开【辽宁省寄递事业部沈阳邮区中心邮件处理中心】,下一站【沈阳东北大学邮政包快揽投部】(经转)

2022-07-08 10:07

I wrote three times to the number indicated, without receiving any reply, and tried to call it, but the receiver ended suddenly the call. What I have to do, more than constating how bad is the service offered by China Post? or has it closed and it is no more active?

Thank you so much
Best regards,
Hi Edoardo Villata,

The delivery man tried to deliver it on July 9 but couldn't contact you through the call successfully. The delivery man's phone number is 18524489305. You need to contact him to ask for a redelivery and confirm your phone number with him.
Dear Daisy,
Thank you again. I don't know when he delivered on July 9th, there was always somebody at home. Anyway, I will try again. And what about the other pack? definitely lost, together with the money spent for buying it and for the taxation by Shenyang Post Office (taxation on what? patience?)?

Thank you again.
Hi Daisy,
The parcel EW105442816FR has been delivered today, but the other, RR529946451PL, not, and the system refers to it as "expired". What does it means? apparently, that China Post is able to ask for a book of about 250 RMB value, more than 200 RMB of customs tax, but not to deliver it, And this is the fourth book lost among eight I ordered during seven months. A 50% succesaful to say, pulling the coin. My congrats.

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Hi Daisy,
still about package RR529946451PL. A very kind clerk of China Post friendly called again 11185. They told the package has been returned to the customs, bacuse the address lacks of my phone number. I ordered it about four months ago, when I didn't know it is required to write also the phone number. My question now is: which customs office (there are many in Shenyang), and is it possible, writing or phoning, to ask in English to redeliver it?
Thank you very much.
Kind regards,
I don’t understand what this means. I’ve waited 2 weeks for my package please explain….
Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS
Awaiting Item. Your item departed a
shipping partner facility at 9:09 pm on
October 4, 2022 in LOS ANGELES, CA
90040. This does not indicate receipt hu
Amazonthe USPS or the actual mailing date.,
Coupon 2022-10-04 21:09
Tracking#: AQ216541485CN

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