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Phoning 11185/3 says different information from what this site informs


Dear service. Various sellers has called to 11183/5 and they don't match with the same information is given in this site. One told me international small parcel surface category is not available to Madeira. The other one told me surface air lift parcel up to 100 grams to zone 4 is 28usd instead of approximately 3,5usd registered. The other seller told that phoning to 11183 the operator didn't know anything of what in this website is informing about international small parcel.
Best regards Maria.

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Thank you for pointing out the problem. Our site is not the official website of China Post. There may mistakes. We just collect the Chinese information online about China post and translate them into Chinese for the westerners to check. We try our best to offer the accurate information to you.

Sometimes, the staff of China post couldn't give you a correct answer if you connect the wrong person. We have meet this situations before. We'll go to the China post to make it sure ASAP.
Thanks for the reply. In their english official site, surface parcel doesn't allow packet, but if the product is sent inside an envelope and the product is not too much voluminous it could be accepted. The surface air lift parcel is the only I see it allows packets, then the prices are more or less the same as yours. Don't know why the sellers are badly inform even when they go to the post office. The last seller told me she went to the post office and was told the same as by phone, and the prices were exorbitant like express service prices.

Thanks for the attention...

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