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Please read this if your package is stuck in China


EPacket is currently undeliverable due to lack of passenger flights out of China. China postal service should return all packages shipped via E-packet to sender so vendor can ship the packages out via alternative methods. Holding customers packages hostage when you know fully well that you can not provide the service is unethical and unlawful. This site is full of customers who's package stuck in China for 3 months or more with no real perspective of being ever delivered. Even when the flight resumes, the back log would take many more months to clear. People should contact their banks immediately for charge backs. This is truly disgusting.

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Hi! I don't think it is quite true what you are mentioning my e-Packet from China Post has been sent to Europe by train and it is currently in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I'm obviously talking about the ones that shipped via air to other continents across the ocean. I believe I'm specifically mentioned passenger flights. China post knows this fully well. They should stop accepting Epacket shipped by air. it's like knowingly selling a service that you cannot provide, very unethical!

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