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Stuck in customs

Asked by Sarah g | 7/22/2020 6:35:05 AM

Hi China Post, I have sent a parcel from Australia to China tracking LK995267540AU in June. Item has been pending customs clearance in China. Is anything wrong or is there just a delay?
Thank you.

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Daisy 7/23/2020 10:12:02 PM

Hi Sarah g,

It was delivered today morning (July 24) and the receiver has got it.

Number: LK995267540AU
Package status: Delivered (31 Days)
Country: Australia -> China
2020-07-24 09:50, Shenzhen, has signed, I signed: I signed, delivery staff: Chen Zhiqiang, telephone: 13826669731.
2020-07-24 08:44, Shenzhen, "Shenzhen Nanshan Taoyuan Business Department" arrangement delivery, delivery staff: Chen Zhiqiang, tel: 13826569731, the Department of Investment: 0755-86136839.
2020-07-24 07:33, Shenzhen, arrived in the "Shenzhen Nanshan Taoyuan Business Department"
2020-07-24 06:33, Shenzhen, leave the "Shenzhen Mail Processing Center", the next stop "Shenzhen Nanshan Taoyuan Business Department" (via transfer)
2020-07-23 15:01, Shenzhen, import customs release.
2020-07-23 10:36, Shenzhen, Customs has been released.
2020-07-09 17:42, Shenzhen, sent to the import customs.
2020-07-09 08:52, Shenzhen, arrived at the Shenzhen Exchange Bureau (via transfer)
2020-07-09 05:56, Guangzhou City, leaving the Guangzhou International Center, the next stop ,Shenzhen Interchange Bureau( via transfer)
2020-06-28 09:14, Melbourne, Melbourne, has been exported straight.
2020-06-28 07:19, Melbourne, departure from The Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-06-28 07:19, Melbourne, away from the Melbourne Processing Centre.
2020-06-22 11:17, Australia, Australia has received. 11/23/2020 5:20:42 PM

Can you tell me why my package is being held in customs for so long?


2020-10-14 13:11:33 出口海关/留存待验,深圳市

2020-10-14 13:11:33 Item Held by Customs,Shenzhen

Daisy 11/25/2020 8:35:04 PM

Hi arshield,

It couldn't pass the customs' check and stuck there. Don't wait. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution about this as soon as possible.

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