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USA Proof of Delivery


Tracking Number #AQ014081171CN
I need to know who signed for. How much is weighted.
What delivery service(like USPS,UPS,FedEx) do you use for delivery on my end?

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I'm trying to get proof of delivery in order to solve a missing package due to a fake seller on amazon (the package never showed up). Amazon told me to inquire directly to you. Could you please send me proof of delivery for these following tracking IDs:

If there isn't any, I will inform Amazon so that I can get my refund from them

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The recipient mentioned that they did not receive the parcel eventhough the status is delivered.

Can you provide me the proof of delivery?

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Re: AS033382727CN
The delivery information is not correct as it is not a delivery made to me.
Probably it is only to a service point.

Could you please send me a POD, Proof Of Delivery, where I can see who has signed the delivery?

Or maybe you can inform me the contact information to the local transportation company who has made the delivery?

Many thanks in advance!
Best regards Veronica Maxe

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