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Cleared customs on Nov. 12th


Hello, Tracking shows that it cleared customs on November 12th - RS276346360CN. Where can I find status?


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Hi rickpref,

It left China on Nov. 12th, 2016 and still in transit to USA. It's not normal. It should arrive within two months. So, it may be lost on the way. You'd better ask your money back if this is what you bought online. If you are the sender in China, go to the post office to ask for compensation.
Hi I have my pack which is suck to cleared custom since April 6th is it normal ? The tracking number is 4201045692612909900774583051231511
Hi Kenza,

It's in transit to the US and hasn't been arrived. You need to wait for more days to get update.

Number: 4201045692612909900774583051231511
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2021-04-06 05:00 China, Hand over to airline
2021-04-02 10:09 Domestic Air Cargo Termina, Depart from facility to service provider.
2021-04-01 20:24 Domestic Air Cargo Termina, Shipment arrived at facility and measured.
2021-04-01 20:24 Domestic Air Cargo Termina, 4PX picked up shipment.
2021-03-31 14:41 Shipment information received

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