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Held in Customs


I returned an item (light) as it was not the item I ordered. I labeled it a return on the shipping label.
Tracking number is CH112153562US

Any way to find out when it might be released? Been about 4 weeks in customs so far.


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According to the tracking information, your package is being held at customs in Guangzhou (pending inspection). I suggest you contact the customs there, to see if you can get any information about your package. I will leave their information below:

Address: 83 Huacheng Avenue, Zhujiang New City, Guangdong, Guangzhou, 510623
Phone Number: +86 20 8110 2000

Hope this helps

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04 Feb 2021
Held in Customs. Your item is being held in Customs at 10:54 am on February 4, 2021 in WUHAN, CHINA.
04 Feb 2021
Wuhan, Hubei
03 Feb 2021

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