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Is the package being held by China Customs?


Hi Daisy,
Last week I wrote to China Post to ask about a small package I sent to Chengdu, Sichuan China from New York, USA. I sent the package using International First Class Mail. Since your reply last week, I have contacted US Post Office and also U.S. Customs. U.S. Customs is not holding the package and U.S. Post Office informed me that the package is likely to be in China Customs. Would China Post be able to get the package released? The package left New York, USA on November 8, 2018 with this custom dispatch # UH014194156US.
The package is to be delivered to my wife at this address:
Zhang, Zangchuan
TELEPHONE #18408266327

If the package is being held by China Customs, could China Post or my wife ask for its release? My wife is very anxious to receive the package. You may contact Zhang Zangchuan at phone #18408266327 and let her know if she can contact China Customs to get the package released to her. I really appreciate your help. I have called the authorities on the US side numerous times and frustrated that all they can tell me is that the package for my wife Zhang Zangchuan, is likely being held by China Customs. Please help my wife get her package from China Customs. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your help.


John M Lee

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I have a package that's being held in customs in FUZHOU, CHINA. It has been there since January 11, 2021. I am returning a pair of shoes that I purchased from a website called "DHgate". They offer refunds if you return the merchandise. Could you please let me know why the package of shoes is being held? Tracking number is CH121514715US.
Thank you.
I have a package that's being held in customs in ANHUI, CHINA. My tracking number is CH119609224US. Could you help me check the detailed status of the package? Thank you!
Hi Daisy!
I send package to my parents from USA. Package has been hold more than 3 weeks in Beijing custom. Could you help me out why it takes long time and how is the status of the package ? I am so frustrated when every time I check the status it is still same , no process of the status .
Tracking number : CH118540233US

CH120883356US sitting at Customs for TWENTY THREE DAYS! Company refuses to issue a refund! Why hasn't it been delivered!!
Hi, a parcel was sent to me from Japan, it arrived in China GZ within 3 days but has now been in customs for the last 10 days with out contact or receiving the parcel. The tracking number is EN080594380JP any help would be appreciated
Hi Darren,

It's in Guangzhou now:

Number: EN080594380JP
Package status: In transit
Country: Japan -> China
2021-03-29 11:04 Guangzhou City, Arriving at Guangzhou Aviation Center (transit)
2021-03-29 10:55 Guangzhou City, leave the Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center, the next stop Guangzhou Aviation Center (transit)
2021-03-29 10:04 Guangzhou City, import customs release
2021-03-17 08:39 Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2021-03-14 19:40 Central, leave the Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arrived at China Post)
2021-03-14 02:48 Central, to the Overseas Export Swap Bureau
2021-03-13 13:49 Japan, Japan has been accepted
what can I do? I bought some shoes from china but I return them and now my package is in Guangzhou but is on held by customs. there is anyway the can send it back to me at least. my tracking number is EH020270470US Can you help me?
Hi daisy - can you please help track UA372266006US? It says it was delivered to postal agent in China on 5/6/21. Is it stuck in customs?

Thank you!
My return package is being held by customs. What's the problem? I'm just returning a phone to the seller. How long will they hold it? USPS tracking LH141107137US
Are cellphones bought in china to international delivery in the US being held inside china? Some friends are complaining about goods stuck for months in china, they neve left the country. I use superbuy to buy goods, will my phone be stuck?
Hi, I have a package that is stuck in customs since June. I have not been contacted about tax collection. It is almost August, how do I contact customs? This was the tracking number. CH133256236US
Hello my name is Girmay, my tracking number is CH143222546US it was to be delivere to Guangzhou Luxe Fame Room 503, Block D, Huijin Plaza, NO.904 North Baiyun Avenue, Helong Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou .
It’s been on hold at customs since September 16, 2021 I don’t know why.
Girmay, G
Tracking EF731332948IE
Parcel held at customs GUANGZHOU
Need to get it released to seller in China so I can get refund please help
Hello I returned a toy watch for repair and it shows being held in Guangzhou customs for a few days already. The package included the repair slip and customs declaration. Can you check on this for me please, Thank you so much.
CH147504423US is the tracking number (USPS)
Sir: I sent package UA931235133US to a customer in China thru eBay he says I need to contact you for some reason or release. Any help would appreciate d
Hi Daisy,

My tracking number is RY223700562IE. I live in Taiwan but my package is coming from Ireland and is being held in China although the tracking doesn't specify what city. I'm pretty concerned because it's my new passport and I need it ASAP. Any help would be hugely appreciated thank you
Hi David,

It's in Beijing now. It will be transited to Taiwai later.

Number: RY223700562IE
Package status: In transit
Country: Ireland -> China
2022-07-04 14:01 In Beijing, in response to local epidemic prevention requirements, mail disinfection and standing
2022-06-24 05:00 Leaving the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2022-06-24 03:00 IE received
2022-07-04 14:01 CHINA, You need to contact customs directly. Your delivery is being held by customs in
2022-07-04 12:57 CHINA, Your delivery is being assessed by customs in
2022-07-04 12:56 CHINA, Your delivery was received in
2022-06-24 05:00 DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE, DUBLIN 12, Your post has left An Post
2022-06-24 03:00 DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE, DUBLIN 12, We have your post
I sent an item on March 16th 2023. Every since it reached China, on April 1st, it continuously say it is held in custom. It has been more than 27 days and how longer will it take to deliver to the right address?
Tracking number: LH194723189US
Package held in customs since February 7th Tracking #CHI80174270US, the receiver of the package can't tell me anything basically I am getting the run around. Could you please help me with this.

Thank You
Your item is being held in Customs at 1:56 pm on February 28, 2024 in XI'AN, CHINA

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04 Feb 2021
Held in Customs. Your item is being held in Customs at 10:54 am on February 4, 2021 in WUHAN, CHINA.
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