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Item in customs for inspection


Hi I sent an item for return on 4/12/20 and the seller has not received item. Tracking number RN722684164GB

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Hi Chantelle,

It's stuck at the customs now. The seller should have received a notice about how to get it from the customs.

Number: RN722684164GB
Package status: In transit
Country: United Kingdom -> China
2020-12-13 13:47, Guangzhou City, import customs retained for inspection
2020-12-12 14:43, Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2020-12-12 10:12, Guangzhou City, leave Guangzhou North Station, next stop Guangzhou International Center (transit)
2020-12-12 10:04, Guangzhou City, to reach Guangzhou North Station (transit)
2020-12-11 04:55, Beijing, leave the "Beijing Post Huangcun Station", the next stop "Guangzhou North Station" (transit)
2020-12-09 18:13, Beijing, arrive at Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (transit)
2020-12-05 08:20, Langley, Langley has been exported straight
2020-12-05 01:10, Langley, leave the Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-12-05 01:10, Langley, leave the Langley Processing Center
2020-12-04 12:11, United Kingdom, United Kingdom has been received
Hi is it possible if you can tell me when the seller was sent a notice about how to collect item as when I spoke to the seller they told me that the item is waiting to be processed. As I am waiting for my refund from the seller

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