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Missing/stuck Aliexpress Parcel


Aliexpress tracking number 91094210311903258261 on route to New Zealand from China. Aliexpress website tracking shows this as still not reached New Zealand. But seller says the package was 'refused signed' when delivered in New Zealand. This is incorrect as package was never received or seen [tracking indicates the same]. Seller says package being returned to China. If you can please help. Did the package arrive in NZ? Was it refused somewhere? Where is it now; and approx what time frame away from that destination? Thank you; your assistance is much appreciated.

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Hi Des,

It hasn't arrived in New Zealand. You can open a dispute to get refund if it couldn't be delivered in time.

Number: 91094210311903258261
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> New Zealand
2020-11-10 16:14, Airline departed from original country
2020-11-10 10:14, Hand over to airline
2020-11-09 20:05, Received by line-haul
2020-11-08 13:45, Outbound in sorting center
2020-11-05 21:22, Inbound in sorting center
2020-11-05 21:19, Accepted by carrier

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