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parcel RG824458847CN lost


hello, where is my parcel RG824458847CN shipped with China post on February 8? please to check and answer to my email, thanks

7 Answer(s)

I don't think it's got by China Post.

Tracking result only shows “electronic data received”. This means your seller(shipper) applied a tracking number from China, but does not actually ship the goods yet. You'd better contact the shipper to ask about this.
Sender said that parcel stopped customers. It is 2 month when stopped customers... Why? What they think about it? I want to get my parcel! Please to write me customers email, I want to ask.
Chinese customs officers stole my package RG824458847CN
!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please explain the reasons why the parcel is not sent RG824458847CN?! There are clothing, 1 dress, no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs! For what reasons are not sent the parcel? Detained for two months? Is this normal? For the postage money is not returned because it has shipped and the money was paid for the postage. So I ask the China post transfer the money to my account for the postage! If you are unable to send the parcel, refund me postage charges!
Is the dress you bought online? The sender is the seller?
Yes, I bought dress online, and seller shipped dress with China post, registered mail number RG824458847CN on February 7 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is April 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My parcel stole China customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Explain, for what reason customers do not send me parcel? I ask you to clarify the situation, and quickly! Because I will ask the police.

I don't think police will help you solve this problem. If you couldn't get the things you bought online, you should contact the seller and let the seller to give you compensation. The seller should give you the refund or send the dress again to you.
My dress is in the Chinese customs. Seller no longer have another of the same dresses. I do not understand the reason she is arrested? After all, it's just a dress, no alcohol, no tobacco, no drugs ... If I need to pay any charges for it, I will pay. Seller can only return the money for the dress, and the money for the postage is not refundable. I paid to China Post for service, so please clarify the situation, why not sent the package, please to call to Customers and ask, I want to know! Or return me the money for the postage! Registered mail number RG824458847CN

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