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Permanent requests reg. missing deliveries by phone


Madam, Sir,
since last week we get permanent requestst by phone regarding missing deliveries.
In your tracking you use the term: "SITA PROCESSING CENTER" (GER: Sita-Verarbeitungszentrum).
Your customer mix up with our company name. Please solve this problem immediately.
We reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary under both labor and criminal law
Regards, i.A. Babette-Vanessa Philipp
GMS | Back Office Support | Reklamationsmanagement
SITA Airport IT GmbH, Dusseldorf/Germany

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Wow, you are really arrogant and not really clever. Have you not noticed that this "Arrive at the Sita processing center" is an automated translation error from the Chinese sentence
到达寄达地处理中心 ? This is not China Post responsibility, this is a translation service provided by several tracking sites, are you going to sue all of them? Your post is really infantile, since when do you own the wording "sita"? There are several languages with word "sita", are you going to sue entire peoples who also own the world "sita"? Does your boss know you are posting ignorant stuff on the internet?
Hi Babette-Vanessa Philipp,

What's your tracking number?

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