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send my things back to Manila


I would like to ask if it's possible to have my personal items sent back to Manila and how much would it cost?

I am not in a hurry to receive them but I want them to safely arrive in Manila.



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Hi Gio,

Do you mean you want to use China Post to send your things from China to Manila? What's the weight and size for it? The rate is based on the weight.
Most of it are books, I haven't packed them into a box, but I'd assume it's around 50 to 80 kg.
The weight limit for China Post large package is 20kg for each piece. You'd better make them into several packages to send. Fro 20kg package by sea, it needs about 400RMB. By air, it's much expensive, about 800RMB. The price is just for your reference. You'd better go to your nearest post office to inquire. They may have different regulations.

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