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Where is my parcel


My tracking ID IS CP209855081CN where is my parcel and when it delivered to me

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After 19 days my parcel is still in transit in China please tell me haw long during that my parcel Shipp to my land
Please help me where is my parcel
Where is my parcel, EV011875929CN, please? Many thanx!
Hello, my tracking number is LH162564248US. It seems to be stuck at a single place for two weeks. Is it lost?
My tracking ID IS UU348163862CN where is my parcel?
My parcel has no update for 1.5 months. It says this:
2022-02-07 03:20 China, BEIJING, Send item abroad (EDI-received).
Tracking numbers are here.
Kindly tell me the status of package nearing number RZ112550201GB.
Whats the time frame it will reach its destination
Parcel LV429233625CN is 18 days stuck in transit. Why is it delayed so long?
Tracking number AG908475545CN
AQ849155322CN I would like to know the process of my order the number is above.
I have two packages I'm awaiting. Tracking ID AS135858450CN and AS135858619CN.

It is saying they were both delivered here in Canada but the order was just places like...5 days ago. And they certainly weren't delivered. They are bedframes ..not something I could be just not seeing.

And of course, I cannot get ahold of the seller as their 'mailbox is full'
hi there I have a package tracking no. RN772113394GB and it has been stuck at customs since the 5th of April could you tell me where it is please thanks Bryan jackson
Hello Daisy,
Can you help with my package which is currently showing in Guangzhou: CY007154576CN. there hasn't been any update lately.

Thanks you
Hello I need help with my parcel. It says online and on the app that’s has been delivered. But I didn’t got anything yet. Please help me my tracking number is
AQ849770791CN. Thanks
My package has been at the sorting centre for almost a week now. I was wondering if my package may be lost or if the sorting centre is busy right now and I should wait for longer?

My parcel number is FB101335927CN, where is it ? It was sent out end of March.
Please help me, thanks
I purchased an item on 31 march still waiting on it could you please find out where it is ?? AQ849678647CN
The Tracking ID is AQ848730337CN.
The Status Shows me that is delivered But where?
Never received my order and wondering where it is since it said delivered but never recieved tracking number AS135980155CN
What does out of home delivery mean
would it be possible to find out whats happening with my package please, it`s a bit confusing to me, any help would be very much appreciated, here`s the information i can find.


In transit
China Post
United Kingdom
Royal Mail

Destination - Sync Time: 2022-04-26 23:07:46 (GMT+01:00)

Origin - Sync Time: 2022-04-26 23:07:44 (GMT+01:00)
2022-04-09 11:35

The plane entered the port
2022-04-09 02:50

Airline departure
2022-04-01 16:30

Langley, arrived at The Gateway
2022-03-25 12:13

Airlines receive
2022-03-21 16:46

Shenzhen City, has been handed over to carriers for transportation
2022-03-20 13:46

Shenzhen City, Leaving 【Shenzhen International Mail Processing Center】,Next Stop【Shenzhen International Mail Exchange】
please help me track my package EV016800785CN
Where is my package
My package has been in transit for 3 weeks, what’s going on? It said airline departure but it’s still in China

Tracking number: EV016800785CN
My tracking number is 78263937629769, please is my package?.

And also what can i do as a foreigner if the courier delivered to the wrong address
My orders number: CY007142842CN
It showing its in transit from 14 april 2022 not getting any further updates. Delivery dates changed every day.
Hi please can I have information on my parcel: LV466003683CN

It has changed status and I am uncertain of what it means.
This is my tracking number EV16442981CN ! When do you guys start shipping?
Please help, its been 60 days since they send it , seller said it's lost , is there any chance that i will still get it ?

Please tell me what happened to my pkg. Tracking no. Is AQ849156844CN I NEVER GOT IT
Hi can I know where is my parcel right now? Is it in the way to destination country? Tracking number is UU381699994CN. Thanks!

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