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Where is my parcel


My tracking ID IS CP209855081CN where is my parcel and when it delivered to me

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Hi, I wanted to ask where is my shipment because I see it is stuck? RE145271350CN
Hi there,

Reference LZ447292302CN

I’m confused as to whether my package is still in China or in Canada. It seems to have been stuck in Shanghai for 1 month. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

I can’t find this shipment and it’s neither in customs Dublin or Dublin mail centre
There has been no update on tracking number since 30.11.
My tracking id PR135323565YP
It is still in,
MUMBAI AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE, Item Dispatched 2020-12-08 19:30
When it arrives to my location?
Anyone to answer?
My tracking id is UW660888766CN.
Where is my package now and when it will reach?
Hi George34,

Do you provide the wrong tracking number? LZ012697650CN was delivered on June 30.

Number: LZ012697650CN
Package status: Delivered (67 Days)
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2020-06-30 11:05, Thamesmead DO, Delivered by
2020-06-29 11:15, Thamesmead DO, Delivery Attempted - Address Inaccessible
2020-06-29 05:45, Thamesmead DO, Due to be delivered today
2020-06-27 12:56, Heathrow Worldwide DC, United Kingdom, Item has left our International Processing Centre
2020-06-27 09:39, LANGLEY HWDC, United Kingdom, Item Received
2020-04-24 13:23, China, Item Leaving overseas
2020-04-24 04:18, Sender preparing item
2020-04-24 04:18, Sender preparing item
2020-04-24 03:45, China, Item received at
Hello, I would like to know what is happening with my shipment with the number LZ558216772CN, today status is "Transiting via the transit Airport" for 11 days, and has not left the country of origin for 25 days. Please let me know, thank you.
Can someone please tell me where my package is and when it will be delivered to me?
AS193122571CN is the parcel number, Thanks!
hello, can someone help me with RY525073308CN, it is on the was for 3 month.
What is my Canada Post tracking #. For parcel LZ501606325cn
Hello can you track this order for me please and how long till it arrives to the us tracking number is UF727399974YP thank you so much
my tracking number is cp419526430cn I send in October till now it doesn't reach my home can I ask what is the problem it is showing that it goes back to Urumqi why?
2020-10-25 17:28:11 Xi'an Package Received from shipper
2020-10-25 20:34:25 Xi'an Depature from Local Sorting Center
2020-10-25 22:04:38 Xi'an Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
2020-10-27 00:09:13 Xi'an Departure from Regional Sorting Center
2020-10-28 14:14:19 Beijing Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
2020-11-02 14:56:52 Beijing Dispatched from Office of Exchange
2020-11-03 21:05:20 Beijing Departure from Regional Sorting Center
2020-11-05 11:43:28 Urumqi Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
2020-11-06 22:55:21 Urumqi Departure from Regional Sorting Center
2020-11-08 10:22:02 Kashiarea Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
2020-11-09 09:11:06 Kashiarea Departure from Regional Sorting Center
2020-12-21 18:23:27 Urumqi 送交承运商
Daisy, I did contacted the seller and they told me to contact the Post Office where it didnt arrive, yet! I want the parcel!!!! One of the things is out of stock!!!!!!!
The track number is RV527274815CN
Tracking number LZ673258344CN
Hello! My parcel was shipped to the country of destination (Kazakhstan) on March 3, 2021. It's April now, and the order still has the same status! I contacted KazPost (as they're the ones to handle the parcel in Kazakhstan) and they say it has not arrived to the country yet! Please help!
tracking # LY69912940CN Where is my package and when will it arrive? The last update for my parcel was on April 1st at 2:38 pm and nothing after that.
UW696421794CN Where is my package?
From Tammy Hogg
please check if it was returned?
UT504509999TH were is my package
Tracking Number : LZ792938722CN
Can you provide as much information about my package as possible as I need it ASAP
So like flight time and arrivals
Tracking number LY713653141CN

It says my package is in "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece." But it has been sitting like this for over a month now. Any chance I can get the package moved along to me?
Please can i have an update on where my parcel is? It says its handed over to forward agent for transit but this is the second time its been on that status. Its also had the status return multiple times.
Tracking number:
Hi I need help I haven't gotten no updates on my package I need help plz EB743907074CN EB744002582CN
LB006067337CN it say my parcel has been delivered but but I still haven't receive it, it didn't came to my address not even in my city and there is no way to contact the seller, so did you deliver my parcel to someone else?
Hi, where is my parcel now? It’s going around in China. Thanks for helping. CP437414514CN
I ordered something on May 3, the seller said I should have it by now but I don't even have any tracking info on it. Tracking number is LZ842248872CN.
Is my package coming?
Where is my parcel and when can I expect it. The E.T.A keeps changing everyday and I am tired of it. I've placed my order 3 months ago and it is still not in Canada. LZ833875525CN
Quiero saber donde esta mi paquete número de ID RD612301675CN enviando por aerolínea Pudong, Shangai el 04 de marzo 2020 a las 10:18 y hasta ahora no llega a Perú.
Quiero saber donde esta mi paquete número de ID RD612301675CN enviando por aerolínea Pudong, Shangai el 04 de marzo 2020 a las 10:18 y hasta ahora no llega a Perú.
My package hasn't updates since April. Now its "expired". Is my package lost?

Are there any updates that I’m missing on this package ? Please let me know as I need this package ASAP also who can I possibly call that can get my package moved sooner

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