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Where is my parcel


My tracking ID IS CP209855081CN where is my parcel and when it delivered to me

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Hello, my tracking # is LY283266392CN I am confused by the shipping procedure. Why does my package keep going from one processing center to another processing center? Why don't they just process it once and ship it? Could you confirm my packages location and let me know if everything is good and when it will be in U.S.A.? Also just curious, is my package on plane or ship? Again tracking # LY283266392CN
Thank you!
Hi George34,

It's in transit to UK now. It usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in UK after it was delivered to air transport. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
Tracking #: LY070042360CN
My package is stuck in customs. Can you please expedite the package? I have been waiting for almost 80 days. Thanks.
LY070042360CN tracking #. It is stuck in customs, please expedite the package, I have been waiting 80 days. It is just a stuffed animal, I don’t know why it’s taking so long.
My package EA370594255cn has been handed over to airlines for 7 days, can you please provide an update?
Xie Xie,
Hey there, my package shows it has arrived since 16th June but no updates and can't track it in an post. Can you help? thanks
Hi! Please help! My package has not arrived and it has almost been 2 months! Here's the tracking number: LZ063677795CN
It just says "Logistics order has been created" since May 30. Please help I really need this package!
Where is my package? LS269349374CN
This tracking number for my package, started moving around China in April then again in May, but has never actually flew to USA.
My parcel sent to Canada on 6 May 2020 under ePackage tracking number LX119624734CN. Can someone please tell where is the package now? Canada Post has not received it as of today (June 6)
Where is my parcel my tracking number is RW297155096CN
My tracking is LX133727244CN
It has been at the same location for over two months. When can I expect the package to be delivered?
My package Lx130966554cn has now been in transit for 60 days, can you tell me where it is? This is rediculous and makes people think that all Chinese are dishonest!!
Mr T Stephens
I ordered 3 months ago, my parcel number is RE047778019CN.
I want to know where is it because no tracking available, and seller keeps extending the deadline without any information.

Just looking to see when I should expect for receive my parcel? It’s not moved in over a week so a little concerning.


Could you please check this order LS370097724CN. It hasn't moved since 6/19 and I am worried it is a scam. Thanks!
Hi there, can you help me track this LX215825781CN? The seller shipped the package at July 28,2020. I tried to track it but no information available. Do I have to wait for several days until the tracking info available?
Please help me. Thanks!
Hi, can you provide me info about my parcel?
Last update was in April
my percels are stuck
Hola quisiera saber que ha pasado con mi pedido RV473418403CN, No reporta movimientos
My parcel has taken 95 days and tracking # expires but some sit are showing it on transit
my tracking # EA439336620CN. Pls help with any update as its cost me more than £500
hi there,
my epacket (LZ246341797CN) last update is on the 24 August 2020 said “the airline is on the air” until now I haven’t seen any more updates. I wonder what happened :( ?
Hi Daisy,

my tracking number is CP419842410CN and I haven’t received any updates since July 12th. Can you provide information about it?

so i haven't received any updates on my package LX644200347CN since Aug 28th I just want to know whats going on, where is it at? i have had orders after that one and they reached their customers already
Please can you tell me where this is going.The tracking number is RN252404978GB.
Please can you tell me where this is going.The tracking number is RN252404978GB.
On 6th of July i posted an EMS post by surface from Yantai to Lahore (Pakistan) under the tracking number of CP347418328CN.. according to the post tracker it's been post since 12 July to Pakistan but i have contacted the post in Pakistan the post hasn't still reached here, please update me on that how long will it take and how far is it.
Can you please tell me about the order LZ322817770CN? the statue is Handed over to forwarding agent for transit since september 18th
Thank you.
Can someone please explain what is happening with Tracking number LZ411323229CN? It seems to be going round in circles getting returned? Thanks.
Hi, my item has been shown as being with customs since 22nd September 2020, please advise when it will be delivered, it is a clothes return to a Chinese seller, tracking number RN663175764GB
Hi my tracking number is MY206344907788Z and I haven’t received any updates. Help me pls

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