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Where is my parcel


My tracking ID IS CP209855081CN where is my parcel and when it delivered to me

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Buenos dias.
Mi paquete con número de seguimiento AS749598994CN, procedente de China, dice que ha sido entregada, pero yo no he recibido nada, ni mensaje de no haberlo podido entregar en mi domicilio de España.
Gracias anticipadas.
Good day, please where is my parcel with tracking number: LY936678425CN ?
Can you please help me with this LV375444425CN it has not had any updates since the 9th of December
Where is my parcel now? LX294828536CN
Someone plz help, where is my package, I payed for 3-5 day ems
I have 3 parcels that have not moved since November where are they and when can they be expected?
Hi, I have not received my parcel it is marked on your tracking updates as 已妥投 Already Voted? Tracking number AS134225218CN. Please can you advise further on when I am likely to receive it please?
Regards, T Bowkett
Where is my parcel it says delivered Dec 27 but yet have not received it
my parcel AS750212259CN says delivered Dec 27 and i still haven't received it.
My shipment has stopped since December 2nd in FeiJiJinGang, can I get updates and know how soon it will arrive?
My shipment has stopped since December 2nd in FeiJiJinGang, can I get updates and know how soon it will arrive? LV348173309CN
Today I check the delivery of my package and it says that it has already been delivered, but I have absolutely nothing, what can I do? I need to know what address it was delivered to and who received it ... Can you help me with that please?
When will my parcel arrive? It has been 30 days
Tracking number UU271608165CN Still haven’t received my parcel yet considering it was sent October now into January and now it comes up expired I don’t know what that means I am so disappointed I paid for something I have not received thank you
Where my parcel was delivered YT2128921266030959 ?
I have never received it! :(
Hello. I want to know what happen with my parcel. Nr LV376600705CN
Thank You
Hello I have ordered a package and have the tracking number LV394269446CN. The last update I have on tracking is 10 days old on January 8th, 2022 and it only states arrived at destination. I am wondering where the pack is right now and if there is a reason as to why this package has not moved for 10 days. Your help in the matter is greatly appreciated.
I am expecting a parcel from China EMS to US and the status didn't update for about two months now. It's always "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment". But the sender agency said the flight has arrived at LAX and provided a flight number.
My tracking is :EV003895895CN
I paid about $200 shipping cost and didn't understand why I am put going through this if it's indeed express international shipping.
Can anyone help? Thank you!!
Jan 19, 2022 18:37 YunExpress
"Delivery to local courier "
What company is the local courier?
Hello Daisy, I would like to know where is my parcel is it still in China or is it already in the US, cause aliexpress says it already passed customs but usps doesn’t show nothing. Please help. LY939704455CN
My parcel ems tracking no is ED006263243IN from india to China pls let me know where is my parcel … and already 14 days still I check and same show in transit 14 days .. let’s me know when I got and where is my parcel status .. thanks
Where's my package it ain't been updated on the2nd why
Hola, quisiera saber si mis pedidos realmente van a llegar o se han perdido?
Soy de Uruguay, y necesito una respuesta...
Muchas gracias y disculpen las molestias.
Where is my package. Tracking number LY940851782CN. Tracking shows expired
Where is my package... it's not moving tracking number 47234208930055
Where is my parcel its did not received yet ,
My tracking number is LV387172115CN
Where is my parcel? AS751865036CN
Please can you update me on my parcel
Tracking number LV415353668CN
Where is my parcel please? Is it lost? Last update was 23/1/2022

Thank you

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