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Where is my parcel


My tracking ID IS CP209855081CN where is my parcel and when it delivered to me

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Where exactly is my package at. My ID# is AQ836173937CN please help me track my order. Thank you Marilyn Morales!!
Hello, where exactly is my package LZ920892244CN at? I have gotten the "Flight Departure" status 3 times...
Hello there,
Where is my parcel number LZ947632588CN?
Where the hell is my package #UU090867193CN
My parcel has not arrived yet, but it says 'Delivered' in Samaria, but I did not say I will receive it in 20 days.
Buenas noches me dirijo a ustedes ya que la compra que hice y el número de seguimiento que me brindaron LY817755841CN aparece como entregado en un país el cual es Estados Unidos donde no es la dirección de mi ubicación la cual es Bogotá Colombia que debo hacer para que verifiquen la dirección correcta y hagan llegar mi pedido a la dirección correcta la cual les brinde gracias
Where is my parcel ? It stuck at Singapore to jakarta for a long time already.
Track no LP205755556SG
Daisy, what is the status of this package please? it writes handed over to carrier, but it seems it took a long time. CP365156901CN
My package LZ925232889CN has been about 40 days and still nothing? Any idea??
Hey There,My Parcel No is RE223848245CN ,Tracking Shows Me That It Has Departed Regional Sorting Center (Yangzhou) on 23_6_2021 But It Is 3_8_2021 And The Progress Hasn't Been Updated Yet. It Shows That It Will Be Delivered Till 10_8_2021 .Can You Inform Me About My Parcel ? Or Should I Cancel The Order?
Hello , my package CB012616347RU from Russian federation to China ( Shanghai ) has been stucked from July 31st . Latest information: Provide invoice to customs of China
Chinese Post
Retained by customs in China
Provide invoice to customs of China
29 July 2021, 16:19 CNSHAA, China
Handed over to the customs
28 July 2021, 20:51 CNSHAA, China
Arrived at the local distribution center
28 July 2021, 20:50 20120300, China
Handed over for delivery within China
26 July 2021, 11:07 CNBJSA, China
Passed registration in China
26 July 2021, 08:57 CNBJSA, China
As far as I know , customs needs some invoice
Why is my delivery status stated "Return" after 1 month in transit?
My tracking number is CP399515135CN
Hi sir I ordered my kids clothes but they send me a sun glasses why?
I paid 70 euro for my order and they send me. Sun glasses r u kidding with me
This is my order tracking nbr.
Package still shows in transit, arrived at SecondAry Processing Center. When will I receive my packages? Tracking number UU210649643CN
Me puedes decir que paso con el paquete LZ952652656CN ? El día 26/07/2021 dejó de moverse y lo último que se del paquete es que el vuelo llegó a algún lugar y nada más.
ea575474502cn kindly confirm the delivery status, haven't received yet its too late.
This is my tracking number SF6043232875689
It hasn’t moved for a few days.
Could you tell me where it is please
Hi, my package ID is RY542557527CN. Do you know where it is and when it will come?
Dov'è il mio pacco LV223618049CN?
Hi there can you give me an update on my parcel please tracking number is EV991428391CN thanks
Hi! Can you provide more info about this package? Thanks!
Where is my parcel I payed Extra for EMS but can't get any updates on my package EB750138482CN
Hello, my package has not arrived and it has been more than 60 days. Can you tell me where it is: CY001341451CN Thank you!
Hi my package tracking is stuck since Aug. 10th 2021. It says usually takes 23 days to update. I waited and it’s been more than 23 days and it’s still pending. My tracking number is EV736561911CN shipment from China to US. Please help me.
Hi, My package CY001662270cn seems to have been posted on the 01/08/21. However, there has not been any information since then. Please could you let me know whats happening? I have contacted Parcel force and they have advised that, "Please be aware that we have only received the preadvice information for this consignment (which has generated a tracking number for you) but no parcel with this label has currently been received into our parcel network." Is this normal? How long will it take for Parcelforce to receive the information.

Hi. I have 3 orders thats supposed to be delivered to me.
The tracking numbers are:
It have been over 20 days since i ordered the products. The shipping time was around 13 days when i last ordered and those are for some reason taking forever. Can I have an answer to why its taking so long and where exactly my products are located?
LV222091091CN - Please can I have an update, says handed over to carrier on the 2nd? No update at all and still no item?
Can I ask for location of my parcel? It looks like it is stucked in Spain. I'm waiting for shpping to Poland. UU228779547CN
YT2124221272122292. Why Is It Stuck?

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