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Wrong delivery address


My address is incorrect for my package, am I able to correct before the package is sent back to the distributer?
PACKAGE # AG538032085CN

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Hi. My package was send by you office to wrong address to 400 calaf st pmb 4 san juan 00918.My address is 11 spindle hill rd wolcott ct 06716 usa.
tracking Nr LY666663837cn.
Could you please can do something about that

Wrong address delivery (3 replies)

Hi I need your help, my tracking number is RW345301410CN

My package was delivered to the wrong address it seems, what do I do ? I gave the correct address to the seller but the package is in Puerto Rico when it’s supposed to be in Atlanta ga

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I ordered a package and put down the correct delivery address. In an email receipt the address was correct. It was delivered to the wrong address. I can’t contact the original seller or China Post because I only speak english. Hopefully you have the resources to find more insight about this event.

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