Held By Customs?

Asked by LM | 1/21/2019 2:45:25 AM

Can you help me locate my package?
It arrived from Ireland on December 25th. The last update was on January 4th and it says "held by customs". Does this mean there is a problem? Will it be delivered and who can we contact to find out? The tracking number is EF727744369IE

Thank you.

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Daisy 1/21/2019 7:50:34 AM

It's not normal that there is no further update after January 4. You'd better let the receiver in China to check it by calling China EMS service number 11183.

Edward 8/16/2019 8:34:40 PM

My letter (only a letter, not a parcel) EA316340800HK has been "held by customs" for 2 weeks. Ant way to get it released or returned?

Daisy 8/17/2019 4:54:23 PM

Hi Edward,

The receiver should have got a notice about how to get it. You'd better contact the receiver to ask.

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