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Lost parcels


I ordered parcels in January and March all have been returned to sender cannot contact sender cash you help please? Here are tracking numbers

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Hi Sharon,

Sorry, we couldn't help you deal with this. I found some of them are ordered from AliExpress. You need to open an dispute to AliExpress to get refund if you couldn't contact the sender successfully.
Ali express doesn't use letters in their orders just numbers???

If the posting limit for a package is 20kg to a region can I instead divide the packages into 2 if the weight is more?
Hi its a. Mate 10 phone
Hi Motena,

Yes. You can divide the packages into 2 if the weight is more.

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not moving2 (1 reply)

Hi, Its related question which I asked yesterday.

but that 已交航空公司运输 step was on 11/4...
its still same until now...
why..? why they don't send...?
and some of parcels have same 已交航空公司运输 steps 2 times or more. (for example this one : RG641730045CN)
why? what happened?
please tell me..

and also the parcel which I sent on 11/11 is already in Korea.. (RG653043145CN/RG651638045CN/RG655216895CN)
I think there is some problem..

some of parcel is big and some of them are small..
but only big one arrived .. I think they could lost my parcels.. because its really small.
When can i know if they lost or not?

If they lost, how can I get refund?
I send parcels via 4PX. where can I get a refund, when, how?

Thank you very much.
please reply asap..

4 Parcels were lost ! (1 reply)

I've got lost 4 parcels

I cannot track them more then 2 months already ! Please help !

Lost parcels (3 replies)

Hello, 2 of my parcels have been failed to deliver, and it's already 2 months since born of them have been sent back by China Post. By latest information parcels are still in Shanghai- what happened to them? Tracking Numbers are RR508020645lv and RS082380651lv. If these parcels still in Shanghai any way I could get them back?

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