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Missing or Lost Parcels.


×2 items brought and paid ,unable to track.

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Hi Rosina Kelly,

What are the tracking numbers for the parcels?
Missing parcels.
Tracking Number LZ842805876CN
Hi Rosina Kelly,

There is no tracking information for LZ842805876CN. Possible reason is the sender just gave you a tracking number but hasn't shipped it.

You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.

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I dispatched 5 parcels from China to Pakisan in June July and recently after a wait of 6 months receive just one parcel. I dispatched in a box and receive my things in a sack. Almost 20% of the things are missing from the parcel. Now who is responsible for the loss? I think due to the large duration of time the box got damaged and the cargo officials have transffered the things to a sack. Same is the case with one of my friend. She got 3 parcels and many things are missing due to transfer from box into sack. Now who will compensate for the lost things or is there any possibility that we get back those lost things?? Please tell china post not to transfer things in sack instead transfer the box into sack. Please please do not open the box. There are many small and expensive things in the box.

Missing or Lost Parcels. (3 replies)

×2 items brought and paid ,unable to track.

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Hi please can you check on my parcels I think they’ve gone missing
Thank you

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